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Bladesytem Firmware Deployment tool

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Bladesytem Firmware Deployment tool

Hello all,
I am using the new FDT 1.50.
FDT 1.50 is has old firmware release versions.

How can I update , for example , the last ilo 1.78 version using this tool?
Every time I modify the iso and I copy the exec file manually( with linux (mkiso) or via Windows ) i got the same error.
'No boot device found'.
The sles10 boots ok but it hangs stating ' No boot device found'

Why do I must have a USB conected for this soft to boot?
Why even if I copy the new .exec packages to the USB device it doesn't update the system with this latest version?
It is possible to use the tool only having a USB connected to the OA?
Does anyone knows when the new release will be avalaible?
It's a great tool and I would really like to make that work.
Thanks in advance .
Honored Contributor

Re: Bladesytem Firmware Deployment tool

The new version 1.60 is scheduled to signoff next week around 7/23 and be available on the web within a couple of days after that.

Michael Garner
HP HPSUM/PSP/Firmware CD/FDT Architect