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C3000 OA: Automatic Time/Date Updates Possible?

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C3000 OA: Automatic Time/Date Updates Possible?

I live in the UK and want to set up the OA of our new C3000 to automatically keep its time and date accurate (including adjustments for daylight time (=BST) ) without any external intervention. This will mean event records etc always have the corrrect time/date.

My preferred solution would be to sync the time/date to an internal management server onsite (but not in the enclosure) whose time/date is accurate and automatically adjusted for daylight time and whose time already acts as a reference time for the blades inside the enclosure.

Since I don't know how to do this, I have tried to configure NTP on the C3000 OA. But this does not seem to work properly (e.g. time zone GMT produces the wrong time with multiple external NTP servers) and anyway would not compensate automatically for daylight time.

Does anyone have any ideas? Manually updating the time/date seems a terrible idea. Is that what everyone else does?
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Re: C3000 OA: Automatic Time/Date Updates Possible?

First Configure one of the management server to NTP and then Provide the Server IP in the OA Network Time Protocol (NTP) Settings Page. It will solve the manually updating problem.

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