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c7000 AC to DC Power Conversion question.

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c7000 AC to DC Power Conversion question.

Hilton had a customer power question:




Just wanted to confirm that converting a c7000 from AC to DC is as simple as converting from single phase to 3 phase, i.e. no funnies


1 ) Change out the power module ( 544661-001 or 544661-002 )

2 ) Change out the power supplies ( AH332A )

3 ) Set PDU type to DC in the OA CLI




Reply from John in the Telco team:




Change the Power Input Module to DC (AH331A), swap power supplies (AH332A).


You will need a 80 amp @-48VDC feed (two lug) for each power supply, you will also need a chassis ground to match local code requirements.


When finished it should look like this.


 DC Power Set-up.jpg


The ISS Telco team can help you with this, as required.




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