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C7000 stacking and updating in production

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C7000 stacking and updating in production

Hello all,

I have to add a C7000 at a client location, and form a stack using the C7000 already in place.

From reading the documenation, I understand that I must have similar firware on all devices.

When upgrading FlexFabric and Chassis firmware, the doc mention no reboot needed. Can anyone confirm that this can be done in production ?

Then, for going to a VC single chassis stack to a multiple chassis stack  will this affect the production aswell ?

Thanks in advance for any help.



Re: C7000 stacking and updating in production

There are two types of stacking , VC stacking or OA stacking. 

OA stacking:

If you are reffereing  about OA stacking, you will not need any downtime. Make suer OA credientials needs to be same in all enclosures 

VC stacking:

If you are doing VC staking and if the new enclosure is already in production, please be informed that all the VC informtion and cofiguration will be cleared. Since all VC's in that stacking needs to be in one singe domain. 

You will need donwitme for VC staking. 


But for updating firmware of VC flexfabric or enclosure you will not need downtime. 


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