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I have several C7k enclosures. I lent one to another group for a few months; while they had it, they re-configured it for their network and upgraded the firmware; now I have it back and I need to put it back on our network.

The problem is, when I try to set the IP values (ie subnet mask, gateway, domain) they don't "stick" - the next time I go back to the page, they're still the old values from the other network.

Because these values are wrong, I can't get to the management interface for the ethernet modules or brocade switch modules.

I'm trying to set these values using the OA web interface: Enclosure Information -> Enclosure Settings -> Enclosure Bay IP Addressing -> Interconnect Bays

The OA firmware version is 3.10 Jun 07 2010

I have 7 other C7ks on the old f/w version, which don't have the problem - is it as simple as that?

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Re: C7K

Hi Thom, did not heard about such issue with 3.10 (does not meen that this error should be in OA fw :) ... usually the problem with interconnect's IP and EBIPA is, that someone set statical IP addresses inside switches directly (serial console or telnet or such) ... Radek
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Re: C7K

Hi Thom

Silly as it may sounds, but are you sure you are applying the changes after entering the new IP configuration?
Ther APPLY button is all the way to the end of the same page where you input the IPs.

Re: C7K

Hi Thom,

Reset the c7000 enclosure and Onboard administrator. this will terminate all the sessions and will allow to change the settings then set the New IP addresses as per your requirement.
Ref. Doc

The Onboard Administrator (OA) has a reset button on the rear of the enclosure. It can also be reset through the OA Insight Display's Enclosure Information screen.

â ¢Reset to factory defaults
The OA, which is the brain of the C7000, may occasionally need to have the settings reset to factory defaults for troubleshooting or maintenance purposes.
The operation can only be performed from the command line interface (CLI).
The command is SET FACTORY . Refer to the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator Command Line Interface User Guide:

hope this helps,

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Re: C7K

I tried resetting the OA, and yes, I was clicking "apply"

I 'fixed' it by assigning static IPs to the modules, which gave me access to them. A day later, I cleared the static IPs I'd assigned, and the modules obtained DHCP addresses. It seems happy now.