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Cannot add SSH key to OA.

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Cannot add SSH key to OA.

Hi all,

I am having trouble adding an SSH key to the OA.

I've been attempting the format:

add sshkey *MARK* ssh-rsa AAA..key root@... *MARK*

This command hangs, any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Cannot add SSH key to OA.

Make sure:
SSHKEY is only available for the Administrator local account
SSHKEY works only in script mode
SSHKEY string is limited to 4KB on Onboard Administrator versions prior to 2.30
SSHKEY string is limited to 8KB on Onboard Administrator version 2.30 and later

I haven't used the command but found this as the last enry in another thread

Jul 29, 2009 08:17:44 GMT Unassigned

For others that may be confused about the "add sshkey" command to be able to SSH without a password I have figured it out. Follow these instructions:

- SSH to the enclosure
- type: set script mode on
- The next part is not straight forward on the instructions given on the console for using the "add sshkey" command. Perform it like this:
type: add sshkey
hit enter
paste: your public key
hit enter
hit enter

Next, configure your SSH Client (Putty) session for Administrator@enclosure
Configure your private key for the session. In Putty it's at Category|Connection|SSH|Auth

Example of the add sshkey command:

set script mode on
add sshkey userID
ssh-rsa yFysLPMvP7eLU9DMjIEW0q1+TlIrINTuxI2AV/oR6bYd+pVnfHwT+rZMJtm/4T1phJc= rsa-key-20090728

The output will look like this: Secure Shell authorized key file replaced.

Type "show sshkey" to confirm: ssh-rsa yFysLPMvP7eLU9DMjIEW0q1+TlIrINTuxI2AV/oR6bYd+pVnfHwT+rZMJtm/4T1phJc= rsa-key-20090728

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