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cannot reach textcons in bl685c : graphics mode error

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cannot reach textcons in bl685c : graphics mode error

We are trying to pxeboot a remote server It is not booting and I cannot get console access remotely. We need to ssh to the OA on the blade server and then connect to the blade ILO.  The dialog is recorded below. I cannot seem to get the text console to show up. What needs to be done to get a text console and see the POST and pxeboot so that I can see what needs to be done. I achieve console using a local windows system in the computer rrom and using the GUI but we need to manage the system remotely and there is no windows on the management lan which can access the OA.


Thanks for any help.


Logging on to the OA (ps I have set TERM=vt100, VT220, etc - that does  not help)


ssh -AX

WARNING: This is a private system.  Do not attempt to login unless you are an
authorized user.  Any authorized or unauthorized access and use may be moni-
tored and can result in criminal or civil prosecution under applicable law.
Firmware Version: 3.32
Built: 08/24/2011 @ 14:19
OA Bay Number:  1
OA Role:        Active
root@'s password:

HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator
(C) Copyright 2006-2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

Type 'HELP' to display a list of valid commands.
Type 'HELP <command>' to display detailed information about a specific command.
Type 'HELP HELP' to display more detailed information about the help system.

OA-3CD92BF3F289> connect server 1

Connecting to bay 1 ...
User:OAtmp1330361053 logged-in to ILOUSE152P0F8.(
iLO 3 Standard Blade Edition 1.26 at  Aug 26 2011
Server Name: cn-r3-32-sp
Server Power: On

</>hpiLO-> textcons

Starting Text Console.
Press 'Esc (' to return to the CLI Session.

Monitor is in graphics mode or an unsupported text mode.

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Re: cannot reach textcons in bl685c : graphics mode error

There are a couple of sections during POST where the system goes into a graphical mode. pressing a key during the splash logo will bring the text back in the console. I normally don't acces iLO through the OA, I ssh directly into the iLO and run textcons.


You might run the VSP instead of textcons as the BIOS looks for serial port access and switches to text mode automatically

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