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HP C7000 interlink cable length

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HP C7000 interlink cable length

Hello all, I have 10 x C7000 chassis  and I am planning to divide them in group of 5 (interlink)

The problem I have is that the chassis need to be in separate cabinets and some of them are in separate rows.

I read on some documentation that the recomendation is to use interlinks on chassis with in the same cabinet.

I was wondering if there is any limitation or issue if we interlink chassis on different cabinets.





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Re: HP C7000 interlink cable length

For 10 Gbps connections: HP supports up to 5 meter Direct Attach Cables.  I have seen longer DAC cables available but not supported by HP and could cause issues on your Carepaq support.   The other option is expensive.  You can use 10Gbps $1100+ transceivers and fiber cables.