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Re: Differences between C7000 chassis versions?

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Differences between C7000 chassis versions?

Can somebody tell me, or point me to a location that explains what the functional differences are between the different C7000 blade chassis?


403321-B21         HP BLc7000

507019-B21         HP BLc7000 CTO 3 IN LCD ROHS Encl

681844-B21         CTO Platinum


Specifically, I'm looking at what limitations the older chassis (403321-B21) has.  We have a couple of these chassis models.  We're looking at upgrading the OA and Virtual Connect interconnects (to the Flex-10/10D).


Unfortunately, our budget is very tight, and we have two years of HP maintenace left on the chassis, so we won't get funding for a new chassis unless there is a technical reason that the 403321-B21 won't continue to work for us.


We're currently running G7 blades in the chassis, but will be getting some G8's later this year.


I know the newer chassis have more efficient power/fan systems, and there are some of the newer interconnects that won't work on the older chassis, but I don't know which interconnects don't function.



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Re: Differences between C7000 chassis versions?

Not sure of the "Platinum" version, but I know that the second gen backplane was improved to support Infiniband and 6Gb SAS interconnects.


The original enclosure will support Gen8 blades and any of the current Virtual Connect modules.



Perhaps someone has more info on what the Platinum enclosure offers.



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Re: Differences between C7000 chassis versions?

Thanks.  That's pretty much what I've found so far.  We're not using infiniband or SAS blades, so that's not an issue for us.


Re: Differences between C7000 chassis versions?

HP c7000 evolution.png