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Re: Effect of restarting OA

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Effect of restarting OA

In a BL c7000/Enclosure Status Changes intermittently to degraded. Recommendation is to reset the OA.
Is there any impact on Ethernet and FC traffic on blades? (Oracle RAC and MSA storages are part of the system)

Thank you
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Re: Effect of restarting OA

The Official answer is "NO, resetting the OA does not affect Network or SAN traffic on your blades."

When the the OA is reset, the only communication which is affected is communication with your iLO's, Consoles, and administrative connections to your Interconnect modules, all of which are from the OA. Your main network and SAN traffic from your blades does not touch the OA, and is not dependent on your OA's at all.

Having said that, (and here is the sad part), "cant guarantee that the effect will be zero. Strange things happen."

Answer (which satisfies most people), is choose a time when it is very quiet, (early morning, late evening) or discuss it with your users and get them onboard.

Good Luck

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Re: Effect of restarting OA

Yeup, you never know :)

Often even reseating the whole OA module also works without any i/o interruptions.