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Fiber channel controller status change

Occasional Contributor

Fiber channel controller status change

Hello everyone,

there are few p-class servers having the following message:
Fiber channel controller status change. The fiber channel controller in slot 0 has a new status of 6.
(Host controller status values: 1=others, 2=ok, 3=failed, 4=shutdown, 5=connectDegraded, 6=connectionFailed)
[SNMP trap:16028 in CPQFCA.MIB]

Currently we do not have any p-blades connected to any fiber switches. We do not connect our p-blades to our SAN (only our c-class blades).

Anyone knows why this error is coming up? Is there like a built-in fiber card on the p-blades?
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Re: Fiber channel controller status change

The HBA is an add-in card, not built in. This simply tells me that you have an HBA in the server.

To check if you do.. look in the Device Manager under SCSI and RAID Controllers. Should be listed there.

If the servers are not connected to a SAN Switch, then this message will pop up. You can simply disable the HBA.. or remove it if not needed.

Steven Clementi
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