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firmware updates

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firmware updates


I've been asked to upgrade the firmware on all components in our c7000 blade. I'm new to these so I was hoping for some guidance on the best course of action.

I've downloaded the HP online firmware bundle but can't find any instructions on using this. I think this is just for upgrading the firmware for blades running windows???

I assume I will need to manually upgrade the firmware for blades running other OSes (e.g. ESX 3.5) as well as other components such as the OA and switches?

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how I should go about this? What I should update first etc?

Thanks a lot.
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Re: firmware updates


Look to the left navigation panel on this forum page. Select "Download drivers, software and firmware". On the new screen, scroll down to Blade Systems and select "BladeSystem Enclosures", then just follow on from there.

When you get to the component you want, keep your eye on the left navigation panel. Normally there will be a "Download Drivers and software" option.

Installation of firmware for blades and ILo's are usually OS specific.

Installation of OA upgrades and interconnect module Upgrades are not (to the best of my knowledge)

As a general rule, upgrade sequence should be

1. Blades F/W (+ any onboard components such as MEZZ cards and Power management (if applicable).
2. ILo's (although this will normally be included in "system" firmware.
3. Interconnect Modules.
4. Onboard Administrators.


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Re: firmware updates

Firmware Sequence I use

1. ILO (best to do before BIOS as BIOS may expect iLO features)
2. NIC, Power firmware, HBA (if reqd), then BIOS last - which does the reboot.
3. Interconnects
4. OA (OA after interconnects as it may expect Interconnect features)

Best think to update blades now is the Blade Firmware deployment CD 1.60. Just boot from an ISO.
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Re: firmware updates


I have a C7000 enclosure with 4 x BL460C G1 with version I15 bios and version 1.64 ILO

Now i want to ugrade the ilo to 1.78
and the OA from C7000 from 2.25 to 2.52.

What is the best order to upgrade?
Can the OA upgrade be live installed?
Is there now reboot needed for c7000 or the blades?



1. ILO (best to do before BIOS as BIOS may expect iLO features)
2. NIC, Power firmware, HBA (if reqd), then BIOS last - which does the reboot.
3. Interconnects
4. OA (OA after interconnects as it may expect Interconnect features)
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Re: firmware updates

Here are some recommendations for your firmware upgrade:

1. The first thing you should do is to upgrade the iLos on your servers

i. If you upgrade the OA and your iLo version is not the adecuate you might have some servers reported as unknown on the Onboard Administratorâ s web-based user interface.

ii. If you want to upgrade all the iLos at the same time:
iii. Go to the following link and download the exe file:


v. Double click on it, instead of install click on extract
vi. Extract the files into a local folder
vii. Create an FTP site and copy the bin file there
viii. Telnet to the Onboard Administrator
ix. Log in
x. Use the command: update ilo all (FTP String(ex: Update ilo all
xi. 4. After a minute all your iLos will be updated to version 1.70 (this requires no downtime)

xii. If you want to upgrade the iLos one by one:
xiii. Go to the OA
xiv. Click on the server
xv. Go to iLO â Web Administration
xvi. When the screen pops up
xvii. Go to administration tab
xviii. Select firmware upgrade
xix. Click on browse
xx. Select the bin file
xxi. Click on upload
xxii. Repeat the steps in all the servers.

xxiii. After updating to iLo 1.70 update to 1.78 latest version.
same steps

2. Then check that you are running the latest Rom Bios version for your servers.

â ¢ Go to
â ¢ Support and drivers tab
â ¢ Download drivers and firmware
â ¢ Type your server model
â ¢ Select the operating system
â ¢ Click on Bios Rom
â ¢ Execute and reboot to apply the changes.

3. The third step would be to upgrade the Onboard Administrator to version 2.25

â ¢ Download the bin file
â ¢ Save it into a local folder
â ¢ Log in into the OA
â ¢ Go to active OA
â ¢ Got o firmware update
â ¢ Click on the browse button
â ¢ Select the bin file
â ¢ Click on upload
â ¢ Clear the browser cache and log in back
â ¢ After this continue with the firmware order. Start with 2.25 and end with 2.51
» Version: 2.25 (1 Aug 2008)

» Version: 2.32 (12 Dec 2008)
» Version: 2.41 (26 Feb 2009)
» Version: 2.51 (29 may 2009)

If you got a message referring to the power manager controller after the upgrades you need to upgrade this on the servers:

Online ROM Flash for Windows - Power Management Controller (c-Class blades)

Online ROM Flash for Linux - Power Management Controller (c-Class blades)

If you have virtual connect interconnect switches you will have to upgrade them as well

here you will find a compatibility firmware matrix for C-class servers:

The OA and the iLO firmware doesn't required any downtime.
But the Bios and the rest of components for the servers does; in order to apply the changes.

hope it works for you