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Re: GBE2 Interconnect Switch SNMP configuration


GBE2 Interconnect Switch SNMP configuration

We have numerous racks of BL20p G2's. The GBE2 A and B interconnect switches are now being managed by our Network Operations Team. I am trying to get the switches to detect in SIM but have found that the SNMP config on them has been locked down. Our Net Ops team have told me the switches cannot support multiple SNMP ACLs so they cannot add the read strings I need for SIM to see the switches - is this right? Any advice/Comments gratefully received.
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Re: GBE2 Interconnect Switch SNMP configuration

As of firmware version 3.20 the gbe2 switches also support SNMPv3 which brings with it different configuration parameters:

[SNMPv3 Menu]
usm - usmUser Table Menu
view - vacmViewTreeFamily Table Menu
access - vacmAccess Table Menu
group - vacmSecurityToGroup Table Menu
comm - community Table Menu
taddr - targetAddr Table Menu
tparam - targetParams Table Menu
notify - notify Table Menu
v1v2 - Enable/disable V1/V2 access
cur - Display current SNMPv3 configuration

There are up to 16 communities and up to 32 vacms that can be defined.

I'm not an SNMP expert so not sure if this helps you...