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gbe2c x-connect configuration


gbe2c x-connect configuration


Just wanted to confirm the correct configuration for x-connecting 2 gbe2c switches in a C7000 enclosure.

Bay1 & 2 - gbe2c for internal network. Default VLAN settings (i.e. all ports on same vlan). I need to:
1) enable port 17 & 18 on both switches
2) enable STP. I am assuming RSTP would be what I need to use. Never configured STP before, is there anything specifically I need to do?

I also have 2 switches in bay 5 & 6, and would then do the same configuration as per above for these 2. Bay 5 & 6 are used for external connectivity to other networks.
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Re: gbe2c x-connect configuration

There is a specific forum for the switches from the manufacturer. You may find the commands already in a question response.