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HP Rack Power issue


HP Rack Power issue

Our rack config is as follows:
3 P-class Enhanced enclosures w/ BL25p servers.
2 3U power enclosures.
Connected via scalable bus power bar.
GBE2 interconnect switches.

Last night we had an issue where all the servers on the A side lost connection (power) breifly and restarted at the same time. The B side servers were untouched and the switches and management modules were fine. We received no alarms from the Power enclosures and our environment did not suffer any power issues. The event was isolated to this one rack.

To me it makes sense to look at the A side power connection between the power enclosures and the server enclosures, but I am unfamiliar with a part that could cause an outage like this.

We have engaged HP, but before they get back to us, I wanted to see if anyone might have seen a similar issue and have a smoking gun part that we need to look at.