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Intelligent Provisioning [F10] Prompt Missing

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Intelligent Provisioning [F10] Prompt Missing

I had an event with my ProLiant BL460c Gen9 servers that I cannot explain.  Hopefully someone can help explain.

I had a ProLiant BL460c Gen9 that mysteriously had the Intelligent Provisioning [F10] Prompt go missing.

I was attempting to apply a Profile using HP OneView (it was failing); when I noticed that the Intelligent Provisioning [F10] Prompt Missing during the POST.  I attempted to enter the Setup [F9] to enable Intelligent Provisioning; but the setting to ENABLE/DISABLE was missing from the menu list.

I reset the blade (eFuse) and watched the POST and the [F10] Prompt  was now showing as "DISABLED".  I entered the Setup [F9] and was able to re-enable Intelligent Provisioning and everything is working now.

I setup the server initially several months ago.  The Intelligent Provisioning [F10] Prompt was there and enabled because I used it to set the blade and apply the profile the first time. 

Can anyone explain, why it "disappeared"?