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Latest iLO2 version for G5 blades

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Latest iLO2 version for G5 blades

I'm trying to find out if 2.29 is a supported version for the bunch of BL260c G5 servers that we have.  Right now they are running 2.27, although the latest version available when searching drivers and software for that model is 2.25 (but I'm pretty sure 2.27 was listed at some point, otherwise I wouldn't have used it).


My question:  is 2.29 a supported iLO2 version for BL260c G5?  If not, is 2.27 one, or should I downgrade to 2.25?


Thank you.

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Re: Latest iLO2 version for G5 blades

Even G1 blades are using ILO2, but hardware after EOL is no longer tested, hence the last tested version is listed.

But it is the same ILO, so it works with newer versions too.

Hope this helps!

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