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Mounting a ISO over HTTP

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Mounting a ISO over HTTP

All I wanted to share some of the knowledge that I have been able to put together.  While trying to figure out how to run a SPP update more efficiently, I came across some text in the iLO iPhone application manual stating running scripts from a HTTP source.  Well fast forward a month, several calls to HP support, dedicated support engineers I figured out there limited documentation on mounting a ISO to the iLO via HTTP.


After trial and error I was finally able to do it.


I posted these instructions on my blog: where I detailed how to setup a IIS server and how to mount these using the OA / iLO.


If anyone know if there is official HP documentation on this, please let me know, because and let me down.


I was able to run the SPP updates on 160 blades issuing one command to each of my 10 chassis, and there was no Java virtual media manager involved.  Also with the iLO iPhone app, I did it while out shopping with the wife.. :)

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Re: Mounting a ISO over HTTP

great info. thanks for sharing.

My VC blog: