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Multi-enclosure stacking question


Multi-enclosure stacking question

I was reviewing the Virtual Connect Multi-enclosure stacking reference guide. In the examples with 3 or 4 enclosures it only shows uplinks being atached on two of the enclosures. I was just wondering what the thinking was behind that if anyone knows. I was planning to have a four enclosure domain. Each enclosure would have an uplink. Then I would create one shared uplink set and include all the enclosures. In that case I would expect each enclosure to use the uplink it has and if that whent down it could use the uplinks from the other enclosures since they are stacked. Any problem with this ?
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Re: Multi-enclosure stacking question

By default, several links in one network/uplinkset will cause that it will use one as active and others are standy.

The cabling idea in stacking the enclosures is to consolidate cables. So You might cable just one enclosure and all the rest would communicate via stacking links to that uplink.
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