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Need Floppy drive support?

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Need Floppy drive support?

Ed had a quote for a c7000 that needed to support a floppy drive. Here is what our experts responded with to help Ed.




From Diane:

Will a virtual media floppy count, it is seen as a USB floppy?  What would fit on a real floppy now? Can you even buy that media now?


From Kristy:

I have used a usb floppy with the SUV cable no problem and alos used floppy/ floppy image with virtual media no problems.


From Dave:

                To my surprise, I was able to use a USB floppy connected to the OA to view and save a config script. I was not sure if the OA kernel would have the floppy drivers, if the port supplied enough power or if it would read a FAT file format. It did so ok and I was able to view the config script with no issue on my laptop. I used my HP floppy we used to use with the older XP arrays to do upgrades 20-30 floppies. Sorry to say that it is so old that the HP part # is worn off.


                As to the server dongle, it would depend on the OS having drivers for a floppy. As long as the OS has the drivers, they should be able to use a USB floppy. I have used USB hard drives, hubs, KB, mice, DVDs and floppies in Windows with the front dongle.




Any other comments or suggestions for Ed?