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P-class Power Options

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P-class Power Options

Hi guys, Im replacing my pclass with a c7000 and need to have both up and running to migrate.
In the pclass I have two power enclosures with 2 x power supplies in each so 4 power supplies in total with 4 x 3phase power cables.

I need to provision some new 3 phase power so I can run these two enclosures side by side but the provisioning time for this is long and once the pclass is pulled out I've two additional 3 phase I dont need.

so my question is can I run the pclass enclosure with only 2 x power supplies ie. 1 power supply active in each power enclosure? hence freeing up two 3 phase connectors for the c7000.

it would only be running like this for a few days.

Occasional Contributor

Re: P-class Power Options

p.s. the slot enclosure is only running 6 blades.