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P Class Server Blade Enclosure

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P Class Server Blade Enclosure

I have one P Class Server Blade Enclosure 281404-B21 I have just installed two BL20p G4 blade servers in it. The problem is that only one LAN card of one server is running. None of the LAN cards of second blade server's are working, I have checked the cables and connection to switch it is fine. Is there any compatibility issue.
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Re: P Class Server Blade Enclosure

I would try moving the 2nd blade in to any other free slots, to make sure you don't have a problem with the connectors on the signal back plane for that slot. Also when you remove the blade, check the connectors for any bent pins.


What switches / passthrough modules do you have installed in this chassis? if it has switches, have you checked the lights on the front of the switches to see if they see a connection from the blade?