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Re: P-Class to C-Class Integration

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P-Class to C-Class Integration

We currently have a P-Class system that is only 30% populated. I understand that the P-Class Blades are at EOP (end of production.) Are any of the components interchangeable between the older P-Class and the newer C-Class? I suspect that the answer is no. If that is indeed the case, are there any "trade up" programs available that would allow us to leverage the significant investment we have made in our P-Class system? Alternatively, is there a P-Class Blade components "clearance sale" slated for the near future?
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Re: P-Class to C-Class Integration

I'd have to say that is more a question for your account manager than for the forums...
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Re: P-Class to C-Class Integration

Having extensively spec'd, installed and configured both P-Class and C-Class I'm afraid to inform you that there are no interchangable parts between the systems with the exception perhaps being memory and CPUs from like generations and configurations (ie: BL25p G2 and BL465c).

P-Class infrastructure will be supported for a while yet and is still a very good hardware platform. It runs efficiently and is very reliable, as well as being more dense than C-Class.

Given that you have a low population of your P-chassis in the future you might want to look at a C3000, a smaller, less expensive yet full featured C-Class blade might be a better fit for you unless you forecast a expansion of systems.