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Power Regulator setting via iLo to OS Control

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Power Regulator setting via iLo to OS Control

Chad asked:




If you set the Power Regulator setting in the BIOS via the iLo to OS Control, because it is scriptable, does it overwrite the Power Profile setting in the BIOS if you select High Performance in vCenter for the selected host?




Reply from Dan:




Changing Power Profile changes like 5 or 6 other settings, but the profile itself does nothing aside from changing the others.


Power Regulator is one of those child settings.


If you change Power Regulator after Profile (including via iLO) it will not revert back unless someone changes the profile again.


OS Control allows the OS to control the Power Profile state.

Theoretically, Power Profile to OS Control and vSphere to High Performance would be the same as Power Profile to High Perf mode.




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