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Re: problem with virtual connect

Occasional Contributor

problem with virtual connect

I had no problem errors on any device it seams that all the upgrade process was transparent as i did the update by "GUI" (virtual connect)also the update for OA was by GUI

The blades upgrade was with firmwarecd

the currently firmware versions i have

Device Model ProLiant BL460c G1 I15
ROM Version 07/10/2009
ilo model iLO2
iLO Firmware Version 1.77 Apr 23 2009
Power Management Controller Version 0.5

OA ver. 2.51
virtual connect 2.10

Bay Device Model Firmware Version

1 HP 1/10Gb VC-Enet Module 2.10
2 HP 1/10Gb VC-Enet Module 2.10
3 HP 4Gb VC-FC Module 1.32

i had before

ilo blabes 1.70
OA 2.32
virtual connect 1.31

iam copying you error messages of VC logs

2009-12-22T10:23:54-06:00 VCETW280200PL vcmd: [FC:enc0:iobay3:4019:Major] FC Module state NO_COMM : Cannot communicate with component
2009-12-22T10:23:55-06:00 VCETW280200PL vcmd: [FC:enc0:iobay3:4004:Info] FC Module power on
2009-12-22T10:24:10-06:00 VCETW280200PL vcmd: [FC:enc0:iobay3:4011:Warning] FC Module state UNKNOWN : Component operational state cannot be determine

the problem is that the VC ethernet can't administer with the VC of FC neither
can with OA manage so I can't manage my SAN
Honored Contributor

Re: problem with virtual connect


Couple of things:

First, VC firmware upgrades via the GUI are not very reliable. There is a firmware upgrade utility which is much more reliable.
The utility is called "Virtual Connect Support Utility" (VCSU) and is generally more reliable.

The second thing is, (and I know this is not a popular suggestion, however it usually works.), shutdown your servers, and remove/replace the VC FC module from the enclosure. Wait ~10 seconds when you remove it, and then re-insert it.

You will see that it disappears from your OA display, and the OA log will record the removal and replacement.

If you wait a couple of minutes, the OA should rediscover the FC module.

This usually works, however there are no guarantees. (However since it is not working right now, what do you have to lose?)

Hope this helps,