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Re: Read Drive Position from ADU Report


Read Drive Position from ADU Report

I made stupid mistake pulling drives from a production server and not marking drive locations.

have replaced drives and booted server getting error 1785. Have run ADU report but have no ideal how to read it.

i have (2) Drives Mirror and (4) Drives Raid 5

how and where do i see original drive location in the ADU Report?

I have attached report

Or how to get raid drives to where i can get MS SQL DB Files from RAID



Re: Read Drive Position from ADU Report



If you have removed more than 1 HDD at a time from the logical drive, the raid and the logical drive would be broken. Hence, there are chances of data lose and you may have to re-create the logical drive.

Even if you have replaced the Hard drives in different slot, the result would be same.


You can open the and then open the txt file and read the below details :


Consolidated Error Report:
   Controller: Smart Array 6i in Embedded Slot
      Message: The array controller has an unsupported configuration. You may reconfigure the controller, but the existing configuration and data will be overwritten and potentially lost.


Smart Array 6i in Embedded Slot : Identify Controller
   Configured Logical Drives            0 (0x00)
   Configuration Signature              0xa008aae0
   RAM Firmware Revision                2.58


This shows the Logical Drives : 0, which looks to be the logical drive has been broken.


You may have yo re-create the logical drive and re-store the data from the backup, if you have already taken.


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