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Re: Smartlink and Flex10 question

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Smartlink and Flex10 question

We attempted to configure Smartlink on VC Flex10 modules with downlinks to an ESX3.5 system. There are no drivers for ESX3.5 supporting DCC, so we were hoping that the entire Flex10 interface would be disabled if all VC networks supported on a Flex10 downlink had lost their uplinks. But it did not work, even with just one FlexNIC, one network and one uplink.

The VC code was V2.32.

The DCC protocol now enables Smartlink to function with individual FlexNICs. But has the previous logic been removed which would disable the entire Flex10 downlink when all supported networks have lost their uplinks?
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Re: Smartlink and Flex10 question

Paul, That is correct, as far as I know, ESX3.5 DCC capable driver should be released soon.