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Strange Virtual Connect Status Error


Strange Virtual Connect Status Error


We're running a c3000 chassis and all has been running smoothly for a good while.

I've just noticed that all Blades now have a Status error of (i):'Not configured for Virtual Connect'

Non of the servers are experiencing any connection problems, the Virtual Connect Manger has no errors and nothing appears to be wrongly configured (or indeed has changed)

Any ideas would be most appreciated

Re: Strange Virtual Connect Status Error

Here's what I did to get round the issue.

Having checked all the configuration to be correct, I tried resetting the Virtual Connect Module (be warned all servers will loose connectivity). Once the module came back up, next to all devices was a warning saying comething like 'Server Profile Pending'.

At this point none of the servers had any connectivity. I shut down the servers one by one and then turned them back on again and hey presto, problem solved, profile applied...

Not sure why this has happened and an explanation be good, all I can think is that an earlier change to server profiles has not applied correctly and caused some sort of corrution or other.