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Re: VC problem

Occasional Advisor

VC problem

I have a problem with VC LAN. VC are in 1&2 interconnect bays.I have olso two ESX blades. When I on each VC plug two 1GBs LAN. I try to test failover og VC evry thing works OK. But when I plug into each VC modules 4 1 GBs lan.
then I test failover I poweroff one VC but after that VC stope working.
Can You help me.
Frequent Advisor

Re: VC problem


Have you created the Network for both the ports of both VC's from VCM(Virutal Connect Manager) ?

When failover happens, the second VC takes over to become the Master. In that case all the Network traffic should go through the VC port configured. if not configured systems will say "Network cable unplugged"

Also, please make sure both the VC's are on the same network