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Re: Virtual connect Errors

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Virtual connect Errors

HP C7000, Virtual connect Manager 3.15 reporting Alerts and Unknown Errors in the Domain Status Windows of Virtual connect.

Further looking at the Hardware Overview, Interconnect Bay there are (?) next to HP-B Series 8/12c San Switch Bladesystem c-class.

next clicking on the Device mentioned above Overall Status reports Unknown and the Hardware status reports Unknown.

There are no changes made to the C7000 except adding two more blades.

What could have caused the issues and what needs to be done clear the Alerts...
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Re: Virtual connect Errors

HP B series SAN switches are like the name says SAN switches and not VC SAN switches... And so they cannot be managed through the VC Manager...
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Re: Virtual connect Errors

Did you have anything in these Interconnect bays previously.??

It would probably help if you could cut and paste a section of the VC Error Log into notepad (or similar), and post it here.

As pointed out by Bart, these SAN switch modules are NOT Virtual Connect and cannot be configured via VC. You can still use them, but you must configure them exactly as you would an external SAN switch. (and note, the REAL HBA port WWIDs will by used by the storage subsystem to present storage.)

You will not be able to take advantage of the Virtual WWID's used by VC.


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Re: Virtual connect Errors

I am experiencing this issue, also, and would like to see a solution. I understand the Brocade SAN switches are not managed by VCM but I'd like to see the error go away if only for a clean Domain Status.


I have other Brocade SAN modules in the same VC domain that show a hardware status of OK and therefore and Overall Status of OK. I have one Brocade SAN module with the Hardware Status of Unknown.


Any help in determining how VCM detects the hardware status of modules and changing the Unknown status to OK would be much appreciated.


I'm running v3.18 (recently upgraded from 3.15).

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Re: Virtual connect Errors

You are running 3.18 on the VC modules, how about the Brocade SAN modules? Sounds to me that the firmware of those may be incompatible and therefore it does not communicate correctly, resulting in the (?).