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Re: Virtual Connect to Switch Speed/Duplex

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Virtual Connect to Switch Speed/Duplex

I have an HP c-7000 BladeSystem with two 1/10GB-F Virtual connect cards. I have all 8 ports connected into my core switch (a cisco 6509). On the switch I have it set to connect on vlan 10. Speed/Duplex is set to auto. I've set the virtual connect cards to communicate via auto. They don't connect. I've also tried every other setting. The only setting that works is when both sides are set to 100/full on both sides. I'd like to set them to 1gb/full in order to take full advantage of the bandwidth. Any suggestions would help.

Re: Virtual Connect to Switch Speed/Duplex

We have our Cat 3750's set to auto and in VC for the 1/10GB VC's its set to 1GB/Full in the SuS and Ethernet Network profiles.

Then for our ESX hosts we have the networking set to 1000/full.

This seems to wokr quite well for us.