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VirtualConnectManager 1.22 (CLI)

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VirtualConnectManager 1.22 (CLI)


From the VCM GUI there is an option to backup the domain configuration. When you choose this option a binary file is created which you can then save to your desktop.

My question is: Does this option exist from the VCM CLI? If not, how does one automate backing up domain configurations?

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Re: VirtualConnectManager 1.22 (CLI)

as of VC fw 1.24 there is no CLI command that I can see to back up the VC Domain.

Therefore, there is no way to automate the backup of the VC Domain.

If it is any consolation, the VC Domain Config won't change dynamically. I.E., a user must perform configuration operations before the config database will change. You might be able to write in to your procedures to do a backup after any config changes....