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Finding the MAC address of an uplink port

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Finding the MAC address of an uplink port

Nick was looking for some info on the Virtual Connect uplinks:




We are running VC 3.15 in an environment based in a remote data centre and I am being asked to provide the MAC address of some of the uplink ports to aid in troubleshooting some connectivity issues.


I have looked through the GUI and the CLI but nothing seems to show me the MAC of the individual uplink ports. Am I missing something here, or is this something we cannot get from 3.15?




Vincent replied:




OK, VC 3.15 does populate the “connected to” column for Ethernet uplinks *if* the upstream switch has LLDP enabled. See this for example:





You get the MAC address of the upstream switch and the Port ID. In some cases (such as this ProCurve switch), you might have to dig into the Detailed statistics/information to find out the real port number in the Port Description field of the LLDP info.




Nick replied:




Thanks Vincent, that is my error, I thought I recalled in earlier threads that there was an issue VC not filling out these fields that was going to be fixed in a later release.


I will ask them if they can turn on LLDP on those ports (which are CISCO).




Other questions or comments for Nick??