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2910AL and static routes ???

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2910AL and static routes ???

Hello All,


I'm new to configuring procurve switches.. but I'm a fast learner?


I have an untagged(native network) that I'm trying to route traffic to a VLAN.(tagged)


I enabled routing.. it was my understanding that once I enabled routing.. then traffic will automatically begin routing?


Am I missing something?  I didn't think I had to create any static routes?  


Also, when I show ip route... I see route types of static and connected?  What is type "connected"?




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Re: 2910AL and static routes ???



yes, for directly connected networks (VLANs) just assign ip addresses, enable ip routing and the switch can route between them. For any network that is not in routing table and you want to route to them you have to create static route or default route or implement dynamic routing protocols such as RIP or OSPF between switches/routers.


"connected" route type means that the switch has local interface (port in some VLAN in case of 2910al) in this network and can automatically install routes for them (based on ip address and subnet mask of this interface) in the routing table. To appear in the routing table there has to be at least on port active in this network/VLAN.