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3com 4500 Port mirroring

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3com 4500 Port mirroring

We are trying to configure a Remote Port Mirroring for a Voice Recording Software. We are using a 3com 4500 PWR (50 Port) for the source and the destination switch (these two switches are driectly connected, so there is no intermediate switch). Both are using the lastest software (which is Version 3.03.02s168p09). When we set the mirroring port to mirror the traffic from both directions (inbound AND outbound) we only get broadcast informations on the monitoring port of the destination switch. But when we configure the monitor port(s) only for mirroring inbound OR outbound traffic, all the traffic is visible on the monitor port. Just to make clear, we are doing port monitoring, not traffic monitoring.


For the voice recording software we need the traffic for both directions.


Is there anything we did wrong or is there even a bug in the software?


Any information is helpful as we urgently need to get this up and running.






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