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Re: 4400 vlan problem

Regular Advisor

4400 vlan problem


I have a 4400 switch runnning 6.13s that I am trying to serperate into 2 networks.  Each of the two networks will have an uplink to a different network.  When I create the second vlan and populate it with ports, then vlan 1 can't access the network at large.  vlan 2 works fine however it is only layer 2 traffic.

A network diagram of what I am trying to do is:




  |        |

up1    up2

  |        |

net1   net2


up1 and up2 are the uplinks

vlan 1 should goto net1 and vlan 2 should goto net2

The switch has the ip of which is on the net1 network. 

vlan 1 should be ports 1-6 an 13-18

vlan 2 should be ports 7-12 an 19-24

uplink 1 is in port 15

uplink 2 is in port 21

vlan2 was created with all the ports being untagged.

What am I doing wrong?

Occasional Contributor

Re: 4400 vlan problem

Have you checked your vlan setup?


Ports 1-6, 13 - 18 should be vlan 1 untagged

Ports 7 - 12, 19 - 24 Should be vlan 2 untagged

Regular Advisor

Re: 4400 vlan problem

All ports in both VLANs are untagged.  This is really frustating as it should be working.