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4500g vlan-basics

New Member

4500g vlan-basics

Hi all,

Simple questions regarding vlanning in the new 3com OS.

I am trying to use ports 1-10 on a 4500g for wifi access points. These access points can assocaite a VID per WLAN so i want to be able to set WLAN 1 clients on VLAN 10 and WLAN 2 clients on VLAN 20.

To do this i would have done:

cre vlan 10

cre vlan 20

mod add 10 1:1-10 tagged

mod add 10 1:1-20 tagged

But this now isnt the case with new commands. I tried to do that same "idea" with the 4500G but i can not longer make these ports partof the same VLAN.

Can anyone help me how to get the above configuration working?