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4800G (ACLs)

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4800G (ACLs)


I cant understand how acls work in my switch.

I have read the manual about configuring ACLs and rules. I dont use the Web Interface, only CLI.

For example i have two PCs, connected to the switch. Ever PC has its own vlan, then i configured some vlan-interfaces in switch and routing is working fine. Now i want to play with ACLs. For example i want to block all traffic from one vlan or subnet or one pc, i use

acl number 2001

rule deny source 0

like in manual, but i still have pings and other traffic from this host.....why?

The second rule have to block icmp traffic with type 8 (ping).

Can you tell me what i am doing wrong!

P.S. Sorry for my English!

Super Advisor

Re: 4800G (ACLs)

You need to check if you are applying the ACL in the correct order; remember that ACLs need to be applied according the traffic direction; so if you are trying to block the incoming traffic from one VLAN, you need to ensure that the policy is placed in the correct way - incoming or outgoing packets.


Fred Mancen