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4800g: balanse DHCP relay


4800g: balanse DHCP relay

We have a stack with 2 4800g units which act as our 'core'.
The stack serves multiple vlans, and i setup DHCP relay to our (Win 2008 R2) DHCP servers to serve DHCP requests.


Here is a sample configuration:


dhcp relay server-group 1 ip
dhcp relay server-group 1 ip
vlan 300
description Workstations
interface Vlan-interface300
ip address 
dhcp select relay
dhcp relay server-select 1
ip forward-broadcast


In this sample i have a workstaions VLAN in the / 21 scope, and configured a DHCP scope on each DHCP server:


Server 1 ( -
Server 2 ( -


Everything works fine. However: the DHCP leases are not evenly balansed over both servers. Server 1 has approximatly 80% in use, where server 2 only use 20% of the available leases.

Is there a way to balanse this in a better way?