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5500g-EI Web interface login problem

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5500g-EI Web interface login problem

I have a 5500G-EI switch, factory default.

For one of an other reason I get the Web logon page, but what user I fill in always get the message:

-<user> login failed since invalid user name or password


Please help



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Re: 5500g-EI Web interface login problem

This topic would be better off in the A-Series switching forum, but anyway...


Your 5500 El switch should be configured via Console connection first, and you can't reach the web interface if you haven't set an IP for a VLAN interface and configured a user for web interface access. I'm assuming you've done that despite it being "factory default", and the connection worked. If it's telling you incorrect login/password, double-check the user and pw that you set via CLI for the web interface to make sure you're entering the right one...


If you need to, you can always remove the user and create a new one with credentials you'll remember by configuring it via CLI, and even reset your console password. See the Installation Guide:

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Re: 5500g-EI Web interface login problem

if you mean the old 3Com 5500G (or H3C 5600) than they have a default user "admin" without a password. You can check it with a console connection there must be a file named "3comoscfg.def" on board, this is the factory default 3Com config. All other configs what you do would be saved with an extension .cfg.

So normally you can login in the web interface with Username=admin and no password.

Hope this help.



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Re: 5500g-EI Web interface login problem

If you have factory reset your switch by bypassing the startup config, there are a couple of things you need to do to access the web page. (in your case, sounds like you've set the IP and can contact the switch  as you are getting a 'login failed' message, so skip to step 4.) . You probably can access the switch via the console cable too without a password even though you may have set one? This will solve that issue too.


1: set IP addess.

[SW1]interface vlan 1
[SW1-Vlan-interface1]ip address



2.set a default route.

[SW1]ip route-static


3.set the admin password and service type (you can't login without a password set(weird eh!))

[SW1]local-user admin

[SW1-luser-admin]password simple mypassword

[SW1-luser-admin]service-type telnet terminal ssh

[SW1-luser-admin]service-type lan-access

[SW1-luser-admin]level 3


4.set authentication mode (this is probably the part you are missing and causes the 'login failed' message)_

[SW1]user-interface aux0
[SW1-ui-aux0]authentication-mode scheme

[SW1]user-interface vty 0 4
[SW1-ui-vty0-4]authentication-mode scheme


Then save the configuration.

If you have zeroized the switch by breaking the boot sequence (ctl-b) as you boot, and then selecting option 7(bypass start-up config), you will need to set it back to load the start-up config.


As switch boots press ctl+b at the prompt 'Press Ctrl-b to enter boot menu'

Select option 7

Press enter when prompted for a password

Select option 7 'skip current configuration'   (yes, even though you want to load it this time!)

Select 'no' so that it DOES load the config on next boot.

Press '0' to reboot.


You should now be able to access the web interface to continue your configuration.

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Re: 5500g-EI Web interface login problem

This was AWESOME!  Thank you!  I spent a couple of hours on the phone with HP tech support and they couldn't do for me what you just did in a couple easy steps.  THANKS!

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Re: 5500g-EI Web interface login problem

I just disabled password check from console over serila line - undo password-control enable

I expect it will work if one of parameters ( disp password-control ) be changed.