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7910 with 16 VRRP limit?

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7910 with 16 VRRP limit?

Hi all,

We have a strange issue with VRRP on our four 7910 chassis'.  The chassis' are IRF'd into two pairs and then we use VRRP between them for redundancy.

All was working as expected until we implemented the 17th vlan with VRRP.  The VIP and the two real addresses (one one each IRF chassis) could ping and VRRP seemed to behave normally with the exception that no client on that vlan could reach the default gateway (the VIP).  Hence all clients dropped off the network on the 17th VLAN.  I then removed the VRRP from the 14th vlan (random selection) and the clients on the 17th VLAN could now talk and communicate properly.

I shutdown the 17th VLAN and added an 18th with VRRP, all good with all clients as the 14th was still shutdown and that still left me with a maximum of 16 active VRRPs, however the 14th wouldn't come up after that.  The 14th's VIP and physical addresses all pings, but no client connectivity. Shutdown the 18th and the 14th came back all good.

We previously had the same issue on 2015-era code that hit the issue at 11 VRRPs, so having recently upgraded to Version 7.1.070, Release 2712, we were hoping this would solve the issue, but it appears to have only increased this "limit" somewhat.

Anyone seen this behaviour before where it is only possible to get 16 VRRPs working at a time?  Is it expected and a limitation on the 7910 or is there a way around it?


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Re: 7910 with 16 VRRP limit?

That's strange, the latest HPE FlexFabric 12900E & 12900 & 7900 Switch Series High Availability Configuration Guide (January 2019) valid for R2710 and later seems unable to declare the maximum number of VRRP Groups...indeed at page 175 there are two placeholders (MaxVRNum and N) instead of related numbers:


and no references are available consulting the latest HPE 7900 CMW710 R2713 Release Notes too.

Edit (better late than never...): I think we can finally agree about the rule/restriction where "An interface supports a maximum of 16 VRRP groups. A VRRP group supports a maximum of 16 virtual IP addresses."

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