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ACL help required (certain ports in VLAN host)

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ACL help required (certain ports in VLAN host)

I really need a bit of help with something that should be so easy

- Clients need to be able to obtain ip from dhcp on another Vlan & resolve dns
- Not be able to access any other Vlan & no other Vlan to access it
- Access the internet over ports 80,443 routed in different Vlan 5
- Be able to access certain TCP ports in various clients in same vlan 25 from host in the same Vlan 25

Vlan 25 (one of of few on HPE5900)

I have few clients in this Vlan 25 with one server device, clients need to be accessed by the server on TCP port 10001 (each client has this port opened)

All I need is this Vlan to be fully isolated from other Vlans

With no ACLs applied to this Vlan 25, it is fully accessible (due to inter-vlan routing), which is not ideal, but server can access all clients

But if I apply the below ACL OUTBOUND then server cannot access the clients (which is odd because thay all exist only in same Vlan, hence the traffic is not leaving this Vlan)
With same ACL client obtainds IP from DHCP server just fine

interface Vlan-interface25
dhcp select relay
dhcp relay server-address




acl number 3025 name "Access Control VLAN restrictions"
 rule 0 permit udp source destination-port range bootps bootpc
 rule 0 comment "Allow DHCP requests"
 rule 5 permit udp source destination-port eq dns
 rule 5 comment "Allow DNS queries"
 rule 10 permit tcp source destination counting
 rule 10 comment "Allow access to firewall routed link VLAN"
 rule 15 permit tcp source destination-port range www 443 counting
rule 16 permit tcp source destination-port eq 10001
 rule 20 deny ip counting






It is kind of simmilar to this question (that was abandoned)



Re: ACL help required (certain ports in VLAN host)

Hello  spgsitsupport,


You may want to block the traffic to your internal networks from vlan 25 and allow the other traffic. This way you can enable the internet and separate the vlan from internal traffic. Also it is important if this is inbound direction - it is easier if you control the inbound - towards the switch traffic from the hosts from this vlan.

Hope this helps.

I am an HPE Employee

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Re: ACL help required (certain ports in VLAN host)

My outbound ACL was fine for what I need, I was just "bitten" by default behaviour of "the applied ACL does not only filter the inter-vlan routed traffic (as would be expected), but it is applied to intra-vlan switched traffic as well by default" as per this

Ofcourse I do not need the compliucation of switched traffic being ACL-ed, so just adjusted the bahaviour for this VLAN to

 # Configure packet filter for routed traffic only
[HP-Vlan-interface25] packet-filter filter route




Re: ACL help required (certain ports in VLAN host)

Hello spgsitsupport,

Thank you for sharing this! I am glad you resolved it.

This feature was made years ago and in many models the default is ""route all" as you mentioned. on vlan interface.

I am an HPE Employee

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