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Comware Ip packet debugging problem

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Comware Ip packet debugging problem


i am trying to to ip debugging for like icmp/ping on a comware switch that is between 2 hosts

the target is i want the switch to display on screen log when the ping passed between hosts by using debugging ip icmp or debugging ip acl xxx and adding source and destination as ip icmp with correct range

so far the logs only show up if i ping the comware itself meaning packet has to be either sourced or destined to the comware , but any other traffic passing through is not displayed on screen logs

in Cisco we had this similar issue but it was either solved by disabling express forwarding to allow l3 inspection or by placing a routing interface between 2 subnets

so far nothing of this work on comware 

how can i make the Comware display logs based on the ip packet ? i want to add different type of acl and the comware should only display debugging for what matches with the acl rule , for traffic passing through


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Re: Comware Ip packet debugging problem

Hello ,

Good day!

++ Run below command before running debug command to display logs on console
terminal monitor
terminal debugging

++ I belive below command can help you to run debug for specific ip address.

 debugging ip packet

( Syntax )

debugging ip packet [ acl acl-number ]

undo debugging ip packet

( Parameters  )

acl-number: ACL number, specifying an ACL to match specific IP packets for which debugging information is displayed.

( Description )

Use the debugging ip packet command to enable IP packet debugging.

I am an HPE employee


I am a HPE Employee