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[discussion] 10GBase ethernet inhouse cabling + switches

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[discussion] 10GBase ethernet inhouse cabling + switches

Hi, I´d like to describe my problems with a building which is currently constructed and where a new cabling system is needed.


requirements: 10Gbase ethernet in each room

facts: the old design was from year 2008 and therefore copper was chosen.


Of couse we have: ISO/IEC 11801 with Cat 6A components with RJ45 modules. No problem, let´s build copper modules in each room.

And of course we have Cat7A components with GG45 modules, where I can put in my RJ45 connector, so let´s take that one. In the future, we can run the links at 1000Mhz, then.


But wait, what about switches? There´s almost(?) no 10Gbase Ethernet switch with 10GBase-T RJ45 copper modules? And now?


Hey, we could use OM4 fiber cables (well, someday we will have 40GBe/100GbE with LC modules in each room. Or a proprietary module with x-time OM4 fibers together?


- 1. question: Should we take LC? What should we take?

- 2. Great we have switches with 10GbE SFP+ slots, yeah But what about the rooms? unmanaged "mini switches" with 10GbE SFP+ uplink port and 10Gbase-T RJ45 downlinks. Hey, great. Show me some. 10Gbase-T cards in each server? Or let´s take 10GBASE-SR/10GBASE-LR NICs?


Let´s face the truth, I really have a problem now. What should I take?

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Re: [discussion] 10GBase ethernet inhouse cabling + switches

Well, a question would be, if HP will introduce a new switch with 24x or 48x 10GBase-T ethernet slots? Does anyone know the roadmap?