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Firmware 3.3.2p05 on 5500G

Occasional Contributor

Firmware 3.3.2p05 on 5500G

I did an upgrade from version 3.2.4 to 3.3.2p05 on XRN stack consisted of 3 switches 5500G/24 port. XRN stack is a central point of LAN where access layer is served by 4400 and 4500 switches. After an upgrade, LAN was functioning completly wrong, with bad inter vlan routing, errors on aggregated links and so on. The only solution was downgrading to the previous version.

I did a similar installation on other client's site with version 3.3.2p04 without any problems.

Have you any information or experienced such a serious errors with version 3.3.2p05.

Pawel Sniechowski