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How to administer a HPE FF 5900CP switch without using Management port

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How to administer a HPE FF 5900CP switch without using Management port

Hi Fellows,

We just installed and cofigured two HPE FF 5900CP switches as an IRF. Customer asked us to create this Vlans:

Vlan 220 - Administrative Vlan -  Gateway:

Vlan 224 - Data Vlan - Gateway:

Customer asked us to configure Adminsitration IP for the IRF switch to

By mistake we configured Management port IP address to, but when we tried to create Vlan 220 ip Interface address to, we got an error message that said the subnet overlaps another subnet. We had to change Management port IP address to and the we could configure Vlan 220 interface ip address to

We continue working on configuring everything else, and we connect a laptop computer in a Vlan 220 port, and using IP address, we could telnet the switch by using Vlan 220 Interface IP address Till this point we were fine.

But customer asked us to create a trunk port that permited Vlan 220 and Vlan 224 to connect to their router at IP address We did it, but when we connect the cable from router to IRF switch, we lost the telnet connection to We connected the laptop directly to Management port at, using IP address on laptop computer, but we could not ping router IP address We decide to go back to connecting the laptop on a Vlan 220 port, and try pinging the router again, so we configured IP address on laptop computer and we tried to ping router IP address, and it was successful. We tried to telnet switch at, but it didn't work. Last test was connect the laptop computer in Vlan 224 port, using a valid IP address for that subnet, we could ping the router successfully but couldn't telnet the switch at interface Vlan 224 Ip address

Customer doesn't want to use Management port, they want to administer the switch through a Vlan 220 IP address, but how can we do this?, And why we cannot telnet the switch using Vlan interface IP address when switch is connected to the customer router?. Any ideas or suggestions will be very helpful and welcomed.


Javier Borrero

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Re: How to administer a HPE FF 5900CP switch without using Management port


Could you post a

]display ip routing-table
]display current-configuration interface Vlan-interface 220
]display current-configuration interface Vlan-interface 224


Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
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