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Redundant HP5700 Switch Configuration

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Redundant HP5700 Switch Configuration

Hi Folks,


  •  2 node cluster used for SQL Server 2014
  •  MSA 2040 SAN
  •  2 HP FlexFabric 5700 switches

Presently - only 1 switch is configured and the environment is working properly. I want to add the 2nd switch so I have a redundant networking path if the first switch should die. I found the below image that shows what I would like to do. The switches only connect the clusters (there will be more) to the SAN.

My understanding is that I can set up both servers to be on a single VLAN to cover my 10.x.x.x network.

I have zero idea how to do this.  Any link to CLI commands would also be helpful (I have only found tidbits here an there).

Thank you,





Re: Redundant HP5700 Switch Configuration

In essence you need to do nothing special on the switches. (just create a vlan for storage no need for an IP on it)

What you need is each server to have 2 Storage NICS each on seperate network subnet, and 2 seperate networks on your storage device to match.

You can actualy model it on the single switches using 2 VLANS.





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Re: Redundant HP5700 Switch Configuration

"...model it on the single switches using 2 VLANS..."

Than the same logic would apply with 2 switches (stacked via IRF, I see no reason to keep two SEPRATE switches!)).

2 VLANS would be created, one per subnet of storage setup (storage setup does NOT need to have any Vlan config involved)

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Re: Redundant HP5700 Switch Configuration

What you want to do is possible, but you are going to need to post some additional information before the group can make actionable recommendations.

Good place to start would be to post the config of your current switch. This will show us how you are connecting to the MSA 2040.

It is likely that putting the pair of switches into an IRF will accomplish most of what you want. Note that doing that will require a switch reboot, meaning you will need a maintenance window when you can disrupt network traffic.

Post your config, and we'll go from there.


HPE Blogger

Re: Redundant HP5700 Switch Configuration

Here's a link to the MSA 2040 User's Guide. Not sure this will answer your questions but does have lot of the MSA related info you need. Also, here's the MSA 2042/2040/1040 Best Practices Guide.

Both are excellent resources.