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Issues with 3Com swicth 5500G and Dhcp Server


Issues with 3Com swicth 5500G and Dhcp Server

Hello my freinds, I have the following issue: We have a customer with the folllowing installactio, one server with server 2008 r2 and ip address /24 , which has several fields set to address different vlans  (;, etc) this switch udp helper is configured with at the level of interfaces, in general, the DHCP server assigns addresses, only if you change the ip to the NIC on the server, `for instance if you put an address to assign an address from that scope . like I have to mak e the 5500G, send requests to the server address, and this is the sphere assigned to the (VLAN) for corresponding.


I send the current configuration of the switch


Thank you very much for your help


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Re: Issues with 3Com swicth 5500G and Dhcp Server

Create DHCP Server Group and Give the ip addrress of the DHCP server  and in the VLAN interface configure the DHCP relay agent


 dhcp relay server-group 1 ip X.X.X.X where X.X.X.X=ip address of the DHCP Server


go to VLAN Interface


interface Vlan-interface(vlan id)
 ip address Y.Y.Y.Y  Z.Z.Z.Z_----------------------(Y.Y.Y.Y:-ip ADDRESS Z.Z.Z.Z sUBNETMASK)
 dhcp select relay
 dhcp relay server-select 1