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VLAN 1 Clarification

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VLAN 1 Clarification

Hey all, 

So in short we have a brand new stack of 4 HP 5130 El switches that are meant to replace our cisco swithces, and connect to a pair of high availabitlty firewalls. On the switches we have a couple of vlan's configured to distinguish traffic between servers, users, guest, etc. 

The problem here lies in vlan 1, which carries our server traffic. I know it isn't best practice to use vlan 1 this way, but I did not set it up, and co workers are unwilling to change unless absolutely necessary. With our cisco switches we are able to use vlan 1 for this purpose, however when we did testing the HP switches would not pass traffic at all on vlan 1. I'm talking no layer 2 was observered at all, not even devices both configured in vlan 1 could talk to each other. 

So I am hoping you all can give me some insight into how vlan 1 opertates inside comware devices, and hopefully get this operational. It is also probably worth mentioning that the trunks have the pvid set to vlan 1 because I assumed it was the equivalent of a native vlan. 

Appreciate and adive or help!

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Re: VLAN 1 Clarification

I'm sure your problem is simply with your port VLAN membership and port VLAN configuration.

Show us the switchpoirt config for the facing switchports H3C--><--Cisco

Basically, if it's a Cisco port in Access mode, then the H3C "port link-type" = access and the "port access vlan" = 1 (which is the default anyway).

If the Cisco port is a trunk port, then the H3C "port link-type" should be trunk, and "port trunk permit vlan" should include 1 (which is default anyway).
On a trunk, you should have a dummy VLAN as the PVID (native VLAN). eg port trunk pvid vlan 99 on the H3C and on the Cisco switchport trunk native vlan 99.
You should never carry live traffic on a switch to switch trunk within an untagged VLAN.
Mind you, you shouldn't be using VLAN1 in the first place. It's not a good idea and it's not hard to change.