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vlanning a 3Com 4400-PWR switch

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vlanning a 3Com 4400-PWR switch



I have a 3Com 4400 that I need to vlan.  My network is like this:


                  5500 Vlan1   Vlan2  Vlan3

       |                     |

    4400               4400

    |                        |

4400 - switch I am trying to vlan

I need ports 1-6, 13-18, 25 on the network

I need ports 7-12, 13-18 on the network

Port 4 is the uplink to the 159.0 network

Port 14 is the uplink to the 155.0 network


The 155.0 network is basically a network just for layer 2 taffic that needs to stay segregated from the rest of the network.

I have tried all manners of vlan configurations with tagged and untagged ports but nothing works.  What have I done wrong?





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